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Mobile App

Tiandy mobile is a free application designed specifically for Tiandy's IP CCTV products.

Tiandy mobile app lets you view the live video and control pan/tilt/zoom functions,
search & playback anywhere with your smartphone if you are using Tiandy's IP CCTV products.

4K image resolution

If you are looking for the highest resolution security cameras in the market, then you have to consider our 4K IP cameras that are able to produce jaw dropping video that surpasses 1080p. Using 8MP and 12MP sensors, our cameras can capture video at 3840 x 2160 pixels that allows for zoom without loss of detail in recorded video

Intelligent video content analytics

Tiandy provides up to 12 different VCA possibilities including: VCA Tripwire/Double Tripwire/Perimeter/Object Abandon/Object Lost/Running/Loitering/Parking/Crowd/Audio Abnormal Detection/Video Abnormal Detection

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